Torquay Museum has been inspiring people to explore and learn for over 170 years.

We take care of Torbay's heritage to enrich the lives of its residents.

Did you know that hippos used to wallow in tropical South Devon?
We do and we have the evidence!

We collect, protect and preserve artefacts from Torbay's rich past to inspire the generations of our future.
There is no other organisation that can keep the 100,000 artefacts from Torbay in Torbay.
The museum actually houses 350,000 objects.

Our collections were amassed by Torquay's intrepid explorers from years gone by - today they
inspire new generations to discover and learn.

There is widespread deprivation our local area resulting in social exclusion. We aim to transform the lives of
the people in our community by providing learning opportunities that are accessible and meaningful.
The museum's 'pay once get in free for a year' pass means that our galleries and activities are accessible to all.

We want to ask as many people as possible to make a gift to the museum! Your donation will be spent on the
care and conservation of our collections and development of new exhibits and will make a huge difference to
our shared heritage.

Give a gift of £5 and you could be helping us to print treasure hunt sheets to inspire
youngsters to explore our collections.
To say thank you we will send you a Mammoth Appeal sticker.

Give £10 and you will be helping to pay volunteer expenses to help keep our costs down.
To say thank you we will send you a Mammoth Appeal badge!

£25 and you will help contribute towards the environmental protection of our precious artefacts.
To say thank you for your generosity we will send you a limited edition Mammoth postcard.

£50 could pay for a new interpretation board for our galleries to better communicate the
fascinating facts behind our artefacts.
To say thank you for your generosity we will send you a limited edition Mammoth
postcard signed by the illustrator.

Mammoth Gift Make a regular gift to Torquay museum and you will be helping us to
plan ahead with confidence.

Companies can sponsor an artefact... get in touch to find out how you could build a
meaningful relationship with an Egyptian mummy, a South Devon Hippo or Poirot's cane.

Visit Torquay Museum

If you last visited Torquay Museum when you were at school, you're missing out on an amazing
attraction bursting with treasures dating as far back as 400 million years.

There are ever-changing exciting exhibitions, together with our family-friendly galleries covering subjects
as diverse as Agatha Christie and Torbay's intrepid explorers,not to mention fun events and children's trails.

Home to Britain's oldest human fossil, Torquay Museum has a fascinating archaeology collection.
Come face-to-face with the sabre-toothed cat that roamed Torquay's snow-covered landscape
during the last Ice Age, then have a go on the interactive Forensics CSI table and explore how
scientists investigate prehistoric bones and other archaeological finds.

Detect your way through Britain's only Agatha Christie gallery, dedicated to her life story. Visitors can step
inside a reconstruction of Poirot's study and lounge, complete with furniture and props from his
beautiful London apartment used in the film set of ITV's adaptations of Poirot's famous cases.

Follow the incredible journeys made by Torquay's famous explorers, from the frozen wastes of the
Antarctic to the depths of the Brazilian rainforest, in the amazing Explorers Gallery.
Explore life and death in Ancient Egypt and encounter wonderful artefacts from one of the world's
most extraordinary civilisations, including Devon's only Mummy.

Whats On

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