Collections Primary Workshop

Collections Primary Workshop

Murder and Mystery (Agatha Christie) – Half-day workshop
Come and find out about one of Torquay’s most famous residents, ‘Queen of Crime’, Agatha Christie. Discover how her early life in Torquay influenced her books, see the study of famous detective Hercule Poirot, and follow clues to solve a mystery! This is a great starting point for literacy.

(Cost: half-day £4pp*, max. 35 children).

Around the World in a Day (Ancient Civilisations) - Half or full day workshop
An introduction to Ancient Civilisations through objects and materials, exploring topics including daily life, religion, trade and warfare. Learn about cultures such as Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese.

(Cost: half-day £4.50 pp, full day £7.50 pp, max. 35 children).

Time Ark Discovery - Full day workshop
This new and exciting session will help your class get their heads round timelines and chronology using objects, drama, costumes and a Torquay Museum ‘Top 10’ gallery trail. The workshop covers the evolution of rocks and fossils, through Prehistory, Ancient Civilisations, World War 2 and up to modern day.

(Cost: £7.50 pp, max. 35 children)

Toys through the Ages - Half day handling Session
Find out about the different toys and games which children played with in the past.  Investigate the similarities and differences between toys of today and in the past, introducing children to the concept of 'old' and 'new' and investigating and handling a variety of toys and games.

(Cost: £4.50pp max. 35 children)

Meet the Ancestors - Full or half day workshop
Step back in time and discover how the earliest humans lived from over 800,000 years ago to the present.  Learn about climate change and how it affected the people who lived here. Come face to face with some of the animals that roamed the area, including mammoths and hyenas.

(Cost: half day £4.50pp, full day £7.50pp, max. 35 children)

Rocks and Fossils Discovery Workshop - 90 minutes
Come on a Fossil quest to discover Torbay's amazing landscape and prehistoric creatures, investigate how fossils are formed, learn about the different rocks in our local landscape and have a go at excavating. 

(Cost: £4.50pp max. 35 children) 

Amazing Explorers - Full or half day workshop
Discover the stories of two of Torbay's very own explorers - Frank Browning, a member of Scott's team in the race to the South Pole; and Percy Harrison-Fawcett, Torquay's intrepid explorer and the real life inspiration for Indiana Jones. This workshop makes a fantastic starting point for literacy units on adventure stories. Full day workshop covers both explorers, half day covers either Polar exploration (Browning) or Amazon exploration (Fawcett). 

(Cost: £4.50pp, £7.50pp, max. 35 children) 

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt - Full or half day workshop
Discover what life and death was like in Ancient Egypt, meet our boy Mummy Psamtek and learn about how Egyptians lived. Reconstruct a Pyramid, scribe Hieroglyphics and try on some Pharaoh headdresses.  The whole day Egyptians session includes a role-play Embalming workshop in the afternoon.

(Cost: £4.50pp, £7.50pp, max. 35 children) 

Please contact the Education Team by email: for further information about the workshops available.

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