Revisiting Our Collections

When we delve into our collections what do we find?

They tell many different stories, from different perspectives, and from different periods in time. Our expert museum team know lots of interesting facts about the objects we care for, and about what they meant to the people who collected them. But, other people from different cultures and of different ages and backgrounds will have other ideas of what these collections mean and how they are valued.

We are beginning a series of projects to re-examine our collections, and look at our museum’s links to Exploration and Natural Sciences – from the past, but also how they inform our present, and our future. If you have an idea or would like to explore our collections, then do get in touch. If you want to find out more about how museums world can is re-interpret their collections, you can find out more here.

Our current Geohub Gateway Project is examining the museum’s geological collections, which represent the three great branches of geology; petrology, mineralogy and palaeontology. They include materials collected by eminent geologists and they include some very important items, such as finds from Kent's Cavern and other Pleistocene material of international importance. In collaboration with local families and volunteers, geological experts and artists, we are exploring how geology has influenced the life and form of Torbay - "How has geology shaped our lives? ". From this premise, multi-media artists Forkbeard Fantasy we be developing a number of interpretative vignettes within the museum, exploring how geology underpins everything about the environment and history of the bay. As part of this exciting project, geological resources will also be developed to enrich our school sessions, and our new interpretative resources will, we hope, act as a catalyst for all our visitors to appreciate the exceptional heritage of the English Riveria’s Global Geopark.

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