Collections Primary Workshops

Collections Primary Workshops

ROMANS IN DEVON   - Half day or whole day workshop 

Learn about life in Ancient Rome on our immersive workshop led by our experienced Education team-using objects from our collections, including new discoveries from Ipplepen. The workshop covers themes such as life in the Roman Army, food and drink, crafts and religion. 

Children take part in a carousel of hands on activities including trying on Roman armour and handling weapons ( under adult supervision) creating clay oil lamps , playing Roman board games and designing mosaics.




Cost: half-day £6pp

Half day with lunch space & time to explore on a self led basis £7pp


LIFE AND DEATH  IN ANCIENT EGYPT -Half day or whole day workshop.

Discover what life was like in Ancient Egypt in this immersive, hands on workshop led by our experienced Education team.

Meet our boy Mummy Psamtek an Egyptian child who lived approximately 2,500 years ago and the only Mummy in Devon.

Take part in a carousel of hands on activities including object handling, scribing hieroglyphs, making headdresses, creating clay scarab beetles and amulets and playing the Senet and Mehen board games.

During the whole day session children take part in a role play embalming workshop.

Half day : £6 pp

Half day with lunch space and self guided tour :£7pp

Whole day with embalming role play £8pp

MEET  THE ANCESTORS- Stone Age to Iron Age-Half  day workshop.

Step back in time and discover how the earliest humans lived from over 800,000 years ago to the present.What did they eat? Where did they live? What dangers did they face? Learn about climate change and how it affected the people who lived here and come face to face with some of the animals that roamed the area including mammoths, hyena, rhinos and scimitar cats. ( cost half day £6pp Half day & explore £7pp, 

POLAR EXPLORER -Half day workshop.

Discover the extraordinary story of Torquay explorer Frank Browning who was one of Captain Scott's party on the ill-fated 

Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica in 1911.

The workshop focuses on the story of heroism and endurance and includes mapping skills,object handling and STEAM challenges.

Half day workshop:£6pp or half day & explore £7pp.

VICTORIAN DEVON -Half or full day workshop.

Has your class ever wondered what it was like to live in the Victorian era?

Bring them along to learn about the lives of rich and poor children, the tasks carried out by servants and how to use domestic objects of the period-they will carry out some of the tasks done by servants including washing clothes, sewing buttons, polishing boots and laying a table under the watchful eye of the Housekeeper!!

Half day :£6pp, Half day & explore £7pp, whole day £8pp

MINI MUSEUM-Half day workshop.

Our Mini Museum workshop will enhance your children's learning by getting them to work together to create their own Mini Museum in school. Learn about conservation, cataloging and classifying artefacts and go behind the scenes in our stores.

Half day workshop:£6pp, Half day & explore £7pp.




AMAZON EXPLORER -Half day workshop

Discover the story of  Percy Harrison-Fawcett, Torquay's intrepid explorer and the real life inspiration for Indiana Jones.This workshop makes a fantastic starting point for literacy units on adventure stories. Find out about Fawcett's journey to discover the mysterious Lost City of Z. Learn about expeditions, habitats, adaptations and mapping skills.


Cost:  Half day £7.00pp


Half day with lunch space & time to explore on a self led basis £7.00pp










Colour and Shape- Half day workshop

Look at the Museum in a completely different way using maths skills to find shapes and patterns in our galleries, learning about the importance of different colours in Ancient Civilisations and investigating mystery objects from our collections.

Cost: Half day £7.00pp

Half day with lunch space &time to explore on a self led basis £8.00pp.

We are able to accommodate 2 classes in one day with a morning & afternoon session with space for packed lunches.


Please contact the Education Team by email: for further information about the workshops available.

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